Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How was your weekend?

Jawesome!! Our second World Tour went off without a hitch! Highlights:

• Bringing Mitch the Champion along for the ride. That dude is incredible.

• Milwaukee drunx were generally on a mission to destroy our livers. They take their alcohol pretty seriously. And I haven't been to a basement show quite like that in years! Really took me back. We also went on a tour of the Lakefront brewery. We like brewery tours. Also cheese.

• Seeing our dear Indiana friends in Chicago was sweet. All the bands at the Township show were ridiculously good. We got to see those Arms Aloft dudes rip to shreds again and that was awesome. We live for nights like that. Also, Dan Fucking Hanaway was our bartender. Didn't even realize it until after our set that I had just played guitar in front of a Broadway. WHAT?!

• Lipstick Homicide is one of the best pop punk bands in the country right now and we played with them at The Gas Lamp in Des Moines and then went back to their place and ate sherbet and watched America's Funniest Home Videos. We want to be them when we grow up. Dark Mirror also played the Des Moines show and had a bunch of metalheads and bikers in tow. They all dug our set or at least pretended to. Everyone was ridiculously nice!

• The Black Sheep is an awesome all-ages DIY space in Springfield, IL. What an awesome way to end our trip. We fucked up the last 4 notes of our last song at our last show. No redemption. It's how we do. Someone in Springfield was kind enough to try to inform me of my sexual orientation while driving by in their car! They were wrong but it's the thought that counts.

• There was a lot of food and beer thrown in our general direction this weekend and we appreciate every bit of it. Bloomington better step up the hospitality because the rest of the Midwest is making us look like a bunch of regular assholes in comparison.

Make room on your fucking iPod for Our Lady, Arms Aloft, Lipstick Homicide, The Revision Plan, Whipped, The Nephrons, Super Famicom, The DUI's, and Dark Mirror. They are all super good at what they do.

I'm gonna take a shower for the first time in 5 days. Thanks for a fun weekend everybody!
- Anthony - Wringer - The Greatest Band In The World -

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