Friday, March 30, 2012

Update on the Wringer/Trapper Keeper split

Hey guys! We got back from tour a week ago. As some of you know, we expected to be able to bring with us some copies of our split 7" with Trapper Keeper, but things didn't work out the way that we had planned. Lots of things can go wrong when you're working with vinyl mastering and these seemingly small snags can sometimes take forever to amend. Just found out what our problem was.

In between our two songs we use a clip from "American Juggalo", a comprehensive documentary on the annual Gathering of the Juggalos. I hope that doesn't require any more explanation. Anyway, it's super well-done, beautifully shot, and insightful, and I'm not being ironic in the least. Well, the people pressing our record determined that we didn't have the rights to use the clip even though the movie is available for free online.

Long story short (i.e. I don't know any of the details), our engineer/mixer/pal/confidant/overseer of this project, Mike Notaro, talked to Sean Dunne, director of American Juggalo (!!!), and he gave us permission to use the clip. So we should have this fucking thing soon!

Thanks everyone for hanging in there! We're super stoked on these new jams. On a related note, we played with/hung out with Trapper Keeper a couple weeks ago when we were in Burlington, VT, and they are cool as fuck! They're our new brothers and we love them. Their songs rule. Check them out here! And you can watch American Juggalo right here!

Also, I am gonna sift through the ridiculous memories/notes I have of our first tour and write a legitimate tour recap blog soon. As if you care.


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