Sunday, August 18, 2013



August 29th - Springfield, IL @ The Blacksheep Cafe w/Hospital Job, The Nephrons
August 30th - Tulsa, OK @ Barkingham Palace
August 31st - Oklahoma City, OK @ Industrial Skatepark
September 1st - Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill w/Genius Party
September 2nd - Austin, TX @ The Grand w/Dahling, Brain Attack, Shaved Women
September 3rd - San Antonio, TX @ VHS 1138 w/The Capitalist Kids
September 4th - Las Cruces, NM @ The Trainyard w/Tight Bros, Low Culture
September 5th - Pheonix, AZ @ Funny World
September 6th - San Diego, CA @ The Che Cafe w/Linkletter
September 7th - Tijuana, MX @ El Tigre Bar
September 8th - Los Angeles, CA @ The Redwood Bar (Early A/A show)
September 9th - TBA
September 10th - San Jose, CA @ Arrows to Eden w/Kill the Bats
September 11th - San Francisco, CA @ Union Park w/ The Breaks(Noon A/A Free Show)
September 11th - San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock w/ The Breaks, The Vans
September 12th - Marysville, CA @ The Edge
September 13th - Eureka, CA @ The Ink Annex
September 14th - Portland, OR @ The Tardis Room w/Brigadier
September 17th - Seattle, WA @ The Victory Lounge
September 18th - Boise, ID @ The Shredder
September 19th - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Shred Shed w/ The Hung Ups
September 20th - Fort Collins, CO @ The Art lab
September 21st - Denver, CO @ Lost Lake Lounge
September 22nd - Wichita, KS @ Kirby's Beer Store w/ The Rackatees
September 24th - Lawrence, KS @ Frank's North Star w/ The Rackatees, The Hemerroids
September 25th - Kansas City, MO @ The Blarney Stone w/ The Rackatees, Smash The State
September 26th - Columbia, MO @ The Fitting Room
September 27th - Indianapolis, IN @ DoD Prsents: The Shore

October 27th - Bloomington, IN @ Punktoberfest! at Rhino's

November 2nd - Gainesville, FL - The Fest 12 @ Durty Nelley's 4:40 PM!

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