Sunday, August 19, 2012

God Dammit, August.

Wanna hear about tour? Sure you do!
We played five awesome shows with splitmates/bro-for-lifes, Trapper Keeper. Shred that gnar.
Ben from In Defence wore/destroyed a Wringer shirt on stage in Chicago. Pizza is still better than tacos. Oh and Derek Grant was our sound guy that night. What the fuck holy shit.
Remember that Wringer + Trapper Keeper + Arms Aloft drunken unrehearsed pop punk covers set in Wisconsin? I do. Sort of.
The next night Billy from Dillinger Four bought Anthony a shot of whiskey in Minneapolis.
Then we spent two days in Fargo, ND, making new friends and playing some super-rad, super last-minute shows. Then on down the asscrack on America.
I guess we met Cursive's tour crew at a gas station outside Omaha. That was random. We got awesome BBQ in Kansas City and celebrated Jared's birthday in Lawrence, KS with a bunch of RAD bands and new friends.
Oh and then Denton, TX happened. We showed up at this house on our night off and these kids we had just met, who had never heard us, were all, "Wanna play a show in a barn in a few minutes?" Yes. So much for resting, EVER. And then there were cops, flaming couches, and hash browns. Rad kids. New friends. Shit you don't prepare for.
Spent five weird days in Texas. Spent time with rad Bloomington expats and ate tacos and made a bunch of new friends. That shit was awesome.
New Orleans was cool and we didn't get to spend nearly enough time there. Same with Memphis + St. Louis. We'll be back soon.
Now we're home.
We shared the stage with a bunch of bands we love, like In Defence, Arms Aloft, The Haddonfields, Flamingo Nosebleed, Signals Midwest, Pilots, Young///Savage, The Classless, The Nephrons and Troothless. Also a ton of rad bands we had never heard before like The Rackatees, What Kingswood Needs, Genius Party, Deth Warrant, Dahling, Radkey, New Science Projects, Collick, and Capgun.
Sorry, I know I'm forgetting a bunch of shit. I guess rock and roll really does rot your brain. We played 18 shows in 18 days, drove 4,000 miles, had shows in basements, living rooms, dive bars, art spaces, record stores, even barns and kids' dance studios (thanks, Texas!), slept on floors, couches, in the van. One night we parked in a swamp. We drank a ton of caffeine and ate a ton of local food. We met some of our heroes, saw bits and pieces of our hometown everywhere we went, and acted like idiots in front of hundreds of friends old and new.
Oh, and we saw Carl Weathers at a Waffle House in New Orleans. That shit is true.
August. Check. How can something so unforgettable be such a blur?
Oh. And hey, Southeastern US: see you in October.
- Weiners

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