Monday, February 13, 2012

Bear Patrol: This Is Satire

Whoa! Someone just asked me, in so many words,
"You guys are great, but what the fuck is up with the lyrics to that song Bear Patrol?"
I'm sure you already know the song in question because Cool Story is your favorite collection of songs of all time. But just in case, I'm gonna post it here.

Usually I'm not into explaining my own brilliant and cryptic profundities (ha!) but I guess this one's worth noting, because apparently it's not totally obvious to all of you. Jesus...

Wringer is from Bloomington, a medium-sized Midwestern college town. A lot of the kids that go to school here are from Indiana, some are from around Illinois and other parts of the Midwest. Increasingly, there are a lot of kids who come here from the East Coast. I love the East Coast. My mom is from New York. But some of these kids are assholes, dude. They leave their well-to-do families in Massachusetts and they arrive at their new home in the middle of nowhere and they say, "This backwards-ass town is fuckin' gay, bro, but at least I only have to be here until I graduate from business school. Til then, let's get fucked up!!!" And then they go around for the next few years, collars popped, high on their horses (and coke, and molly), starting fights with locals, and slipping date-rape drugs in girls' drinks. So this song is my juvenile/sarcastic way of calling out the shitty "East Coast types" that flood the little Midwestern college town in which I have grown up and lived for the last twenty-three years of my life.

So, just to be clear, Bear Patrol is like a parody of a party song. We don't think we're better than anyone else, we don't think date-rape is cool, bro, and we're not into cocaine. And we think Jager tastes like filth. We're just not the types of dudes to take ourselves too seriously and we didn't want Bear Patrol to read like some hardcore fuck-you type of thing.

On that note, it's a pop punk song. Lighten up for fuck's sake!


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